Wash Park Martial Arts | Children and Young Adults

Junior Tai-Jutsu Program

Creating Tomorrow's Leaders, One Student at a Time

Our junior classes are more than kicking and punching, we work with each student to help them develop:

Goal Setting
And so much more!

At Wash Park Martial Arts we provide quality martial arts training in a fun, safe, and energetic environment. Our teaching method uses the principles of the traditional martial arts as a tool for character development and teaching life skills to help lead your child to success in any chosen endeavor.  Our class sizes are small and feature personalized instruction based on the needs of each student.

Our program is self defense oriented and is taught in a non aggressive environment. We do not glorify fighting, but instead study and promote the Martial Arts as a means to strengthen the mind, body and spirit.

Our students work together in a cooperative effort to learn patterns and movements, yet every student will have a unique experience as they walk their own, individual martial path.

Physically, your child will improve their reflexes and develop improved balance and coordination. Through diligent training of the physical aspects of training, students build and enhance their awareness and sense of self.  This results in improved health and a sense of well being and confidence for you child.

Your child will learn to set goals, monitor his/her own progress, and maintain the focus necessary to achieve thier goal of acquiring the Junior Black Belt.  We derive great joy from watching your child succeed and we take pride in the quality of the students we produce.