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Traditional Instruction for the Modern World

Its never too late to get started!

Our classes are a great way to get some exercise and learn valuable self-defense skills.  Developed over 900 years ago in feudal Japan, ninpo taijutsu utilizes natural body movements and will improve your balance, coordination, and flexibility. 

Our classes take place in a clean, safe, and constructive environment.  We pride ourselves on offering a welcoming and inclusive experience.

Taijutsu is based on using superior body position, leverage, and accuracy to negate the importance of size and strength.  It is well suited to men and women of all sizes, ages, and abilities and is a well-rounded, practical martial art. 

We study evasion, striking, throws, and grappling and encourage our students to focus on the basic movements found in each technique.  You will also learn about ancient Japanese culture, etiquette and language which provides a context for understanding how the art was developed and historically utilized.  Our class sizes are small and feature personalized instruction.

All study is undertaken with respect for the safety of our students.  We insist that our students learn the self-control necessary in order to perform techniques in a safe way during practice and find that teaching the ability to control speed, intensity, and targeting vastly improves our students’ understanding of each technique. 

We do not glorify fighting but instead focus on the self-improvements which result from martial study: confidence, awareness, and discipline.

Many of our students have been studying with us 5-10 years and all of our instructors have been studying taijutsu for over 15 years.  New students will find no shortage of insightful help and friendly faces from instructors and students alike.