Wash Park Martial Arts

About Our Art

"Traditional Teachings that Last a Lifetime"

Rarely do you encounter a martial art as diverse as ninpo taijutsu.  Taijutsu includes striking similar to karate, throws like to those found in judo and aikido, the joint manipulation and leverage of jujutsu, traditional weaponry, and more!  Developed over 900 years ago, taijutsu incorporates the warrior traditions of the samurai and the ninja into one of the most expansive self defense platforms available.

Taijutsu builds around the idea that the majority altercations begin with a single grab, push or strike.  As a defensive martial art, taijutsu provides hundreds of variations on how to take control and end these types of altercations.  Yet, all of these options stem from just a handful of basic, natural movements.

Taijutsu does not rely on brute force to overpower an opponent but it should not to be confused with softer forms of martial arts. The power and effectiveness of taijutsu comes from the practitioner’s stance, posture, and utilization of their core, rather than superior strength or conditioning.

Our students learn the finesse of negating an opponent’s force and balance using exacting technique and are often surprised that their most effective movements often feel effortless.

Our curriculum includes the classical Japanese kata as well as open-ended, self-defense scenarios designed to reinforce spontaneous, practical combat skills for an ever challenging world.

The Ten-Chi-Wa system stresses application of the basics and teaches students to move from center, confident and poised, no matter the situation.